A Multifaceted Nation
With a population of 1.8 million, Kosova is a diverse, secular state offering the lowest tax rates in Europe, attracting foreign investors. Its strategic location in the Balkans fosters economic growth and regional cooperation. As Europe’s youngest country, with over 70% under 35 and a significant diaspora of over a million, Kosova’s demographic profile is highly sought after globally.
Multilingual Society
Recognizing Albanian and Serbian as official languages, Kosova also exhibits widespread proficiency in English, German, and Turkish. The population’s strong language and computer skills make it an attractive workforce. Ethnic communities include Albanians (over 90%), Serbians (mostly in the north), Bosniacs, Turks, Askhalis, Egyptians, Goranis, and Roma.
Strong Economy
Since 2008, Kosova has developed a stable economy, reaching a GDP of 9.43 billion USD in 2022. Despite challenges in 2020, the economy rebounded with 10.5% growth in 2021. With growth moderating to 3.5% in 2022, sustained by effective fiscal policies and a business-friendly legal framework. IMF estimates project 3.8% growth in 2023. fiscal policies and a business-friendly legal framework sustain stability. The labor market offers opportunities for investment, with a focus on entrepreneurship and a competitive private sector.
Investment Opportunities
Kosova’s labor market boasts a youthful, innovative workforce, offering growth opportunities for investors. With a focus on entrepreneurship and a multilingual population, Kosova serves as an attractive gateway for international businesses in Southeast Europe. Kosova’s participation in CEFTA with neighboring countries aims to promote trade, investment, and regulatory alignment with EU standards. The public sector offers an average wage of 604 euros.
Despite facing economic challenges, Kosova is making strides in governance and EU accession efforts. With Europe’s youngest population averaging 26 years old, the nation holds vast potential for growth and reform. Its rapid economic expansion, advancing professionals and advantageous location, continues to attract foreign investors.
Kosova’s favorable legal framework ensures favorable conditions for incorporation and equal treatment, making it an attractive destination for international businesses. Furthermore, its proximity to the EU market and advantageous trade agreements offer ample opportunities for investment and economic advancement.


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